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What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a psychological condition in which individuals may have difficultly discarding or giving away items they collect obsessively. Hoarding is different than collecting – most individuals may collect 1-3 things such as model cars, coins, or rare antiques and they typically keep their collection organized and on display. An individual with a hoarding disorder will collect odds and ends such as common household items, newspapers, and even animals. Hoarding can become a concern when the items collected start to pile up and create hazardous conditions, diminishing the quality of life of the hoarder and anyone else who lives in that environment.

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Hoarding Cleanup Concerns

Hoarding cleanup is not a simple task, and you don’t want to compromise the health and safety of yourself or loved ones by attempting to perform this task on your own. Years of hoarding can create a highly fertile breeding ground for a wide variety of bacteria and diseases. Mold, bacteria, rodents, and insects are all common concerns when dealing with hoarding cleanup. If animals are involved in the hoarding, it is common to find animal remains or feces in the property, leading to concerns about biological hazards.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

PRC Restoration offers discreet, safe, and thorough hoarding cleanup services. Our team of experts understand the sensitive nature of hoarding situations, and are highly trained to provide confidential hoarding cleanup and sanitization services. At PRC it is not our job to pass judgement; our job is to clean and sanitize your home or property in the most efficient and effective way possible. We understand that each hoarding situation present different conditions and require a unique approach, and we will work closely with you to ensure the property is cleaned up in a respectable and considerate manner.

If you or a loved one is in need of hoarding cleanup services to return your home or property to a clean and safe living environment, contact PRC Restoration today for a free assessment.

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