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Timing Is Everything With Water Damage In San Bernardino

water damage san bernardino, water damage restoration san bernardino, water damage cleanup san bernardinoWhen it comes to water damage repair, timing is key. There are 2 major risks resulting from prolonged water exposure in your home: 1. Mold growth and 2. Structural Damage. At PRC, we know how important it is to get water damage cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to your home in San Bernardino, and that is why we are going to break it down for you.

Water Damage In San Bernardino

1. Mold Growth 

Mold will begin growing 48 hours after water damage has occurred. In order to grow, mold requires a food source, moisture, and time. Our homes are full of food sources for mold (wood, drywall, sheetrock, etc), and all it takes is a little water leak to provide the moisture necessary for mold to begin growing. Mold reproduces through microscopic spores that spread rapidly through the air, affecting surfaces and materials throughout the entire home. 

The best way to prevent mold growth after your home has received water damage is to get it repaired quickly, and remove the ‘time’ from the three growth requirements.  Mold found in homes poses a lot of health risks, especially to the elderly, those who are chronically ill, those with compromised immune systems, and infants. Mold spores travel through the air, so when they are inhaled they cause a lot of respiratory issues like: coughing, sneezing, headaches, rashes, irritation to eyes, nose, and throat, fatigue, and other respiratory symptoms like shortness of breath and sinus infections. Because mold has such serious side effects to health, it should not be ignored or procrastinated. Water damage repair needs to happen as quickly as possible to prevent mold damage

2. Structural Damage

Floors, walls, ceilings, and foundation all make up the basic structure of the home. When the materials that make up these components are exposed to water and moisture for prolonged amounts of time, their structural integrity is weakened. Wood, sheetrock, insulation, carpet, drywall, cement, and padding are all porous materials. When porous materials are exposed to water, they will begin to absorb the moisture present. Absorption will lead to expansion, warping, weakening, rotting, and deterioration. If the materials that make up the structural components of your home are weakened by water, the very integrity of your home is at risk. The longer the water remains without being removed and dried, the more damage these materials will sustain. 

The best way to maintain structural integrity and prevent damage from prolonged water exposure is to be cleaned up and repaired as quickly as possible. Water extraction and structural drying and dehumidification produce the best results when executed immediately following initial water damage. Your water damage problems will compound and repair expenses will increase exponentially by failing to act quickly when water damage strikes your home.

To ensure a quick response to prevent mold growth and structural damage to your home in San Bernardino or surrounding areas, you need to call PRC. We are available 24/7 to respond to your water damage emergency so we can prevent any other damage from occurring and get your home back to normal.