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4 Common Types Of Water Damage In Business Offices

commercial water damage los angeles, commercial water damage cleanup los angelesYour office is often one of the first places you interact with your current or potential clients. When people are looking to work with new businesses, one of the considerations that could influence their decision of working with your company could be the perception of your office. How does it look? Is it well maintained? Is their pride in the company? Is it a professional environment?

People make decisions based on how they feel. If they left feeling confident in your services and your property was well maintained, they may not have any reservations about building a working relationship with your company. But if they notice haphazard attempts to fix a broken pipe, a damp musty smell, a leaky toilet or equipment that is disorganized or damaged, they may have perceived that you don’t take pride in your office, and they may be fearful of the level of workmanship you’ll provide them.

It’s always better to be proactive when it comes to managing your commercial property as improper property maintenance could lead to costly repairs and may even cost you jobs. Below are 4 common types of water damage that could occur on your business property and where to spot them.

1. Adverse Weather

When you think of Los Angeles you rarely if ever, think of flooding. However severe weather can cause flash flooding and/or water damage to your property. From improper draining of water on the outside of your building to the slope of your lot, water damage can affect your roof and foundation. Check gutters and drain spouts to make sure water can flow easily through the channels and is directed away for your property’s foundation. After heavy rainstorms, check for pooling of water on the roof or ground as this can lead to a leaky roof or structural weakness.

2. Faulty Equipment

The office is an easy place to see an issue and ignore it or think it’s someone else’s problem. From the breakroom kitchen, bathrooms and utility rooms, there are many appliances that are susceptible to wear over time. You’d hate to come into work one morning to see water damage or flooding that occurred overnight from a malfunctioning appliance. Any appliance that holds water can fail, especially if proper routine maintenance has been neglected. Regular maintenance checks of the
dishwasher, sump pump, water heater, and toilets could save you from a surprise and messy leak.

3. Broken Pipes

The age of the office building can be an indication of the needed maintenance or repair of the property. As water runs through plumbing lines it will expand and contract as it varies in temperature. Over time, this can cause the lines to crack or burst. You can notice leaky pipes if there is discoloration or staining on the ceiling or walls and sagging, bulging or buckling of the flooring.

4. Damp Smell

If water damage is present in your office it will be accompanied by a damp, musty smell. Water damage can contribute to mold and mildew growth. This growth is likely to occur in areas with poor ventilation, dark areas are hidden from plain-view or grow within or behind surfaces such as drywall, subflooring or carpeting. Mold can negatively impact the air quality of your building. If you notice more sensitivity to allergens and debris at work, changing the air filters can also help.

If your commercial building ever suffers a water disaster, it is best to contact a professional commercial water damage company that can help you quickly clean up and restore any damage that may have occurred. If you have suffered major or even minor water damage, the professionals at PRC Restoration in Los Angeles can help you! Don’t put your company’s reputation in danger but not fixing those complicated water problems, PRC will come in quickly and get your property back to normal in no time!