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5 Emergency Fire Damage Repair Steps

fire damage restoration riverside, fire damage riverside, fire damage repair riversideWhen your home has been ravaged by a fire, it may seem like a long road to recovery. As a result, the fire damage restoration process can be very intimidating. At PRC Restoration in Riverside, our goal is not just to restore the damage done to your home, but also to help resolve your stress and worry throughout the process.

Emergency Contact

Fire damage restoration is a time-sensitive job. The sooner the damage begins to be restored, the better. We at PRC Inc. offer 24/7 emergency restoration service so you can get in touch with us right away following a fire. Emergency board-up and tarping services are available to reduce further damage to your home and secure it during the restoration process.  

Inspection and Assessment

After the initial call and emergency services (if they are needed) the first step of the restoration process is to inspect the home to determine the extent of the damage. This includes checking for structural damage from the fire, smoke damage, and the amount of restoration that will need to be done. Once we have done with this, we will provide you with our assessment of the damage along with a quote for the cost and time required to do the job.

Clean Up

This step is where you will begin to see improvements in your home. Our restoration experts will begin by cleaning out all the smoke, dust, and soot throughout your home. After this, they will begin to work on the dark, charred look often left behind from the heat of a fire. At the same time, they will also remove any standing pools of water from your home left behind by the fire department. Basically, anything that is out of place or needs to be cleaned up will be taken care of in this stage of the process.

Repair And Restore The Damage

The final step in the fire damage restoration process is actually restoring the damage caused by the fire. This part is especially exciting for you since you will be able to see your damaged property be repaired. Unfortunately, not all items damaged by the fire will be salvageable. Whatever can be saved and restored, will be and your property will be restored back to pre-loss condition or better!

When you are in need of fire damage restoration, even if it is due to a small kitchen fire – the team at PRC Restoration is ready and available to help! Call us 24 hours a day.