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8 Tips For Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration riverside, fire damage riverside, fire damage repair riversideA house fire is a scary ordeal. Afterward, homeowners are left with a sense of devastation and confusion, not knowing what steps to take. Safety is the biggest concern for anyone handling a fire damage disaster. If you experience a fire emergency, rest assured that there are resources and steps you can take to minimize the damages and help with the restoration process.

Here are eight tips for homeowners to start moving forward after a fire disaster from the professionals at PRC in Riverside.

  1. Safety First – Be sure to await red tape removal and clearance to re-enter your home after you’re experienced a fire. Wearing an air mask can help you avoid breathing in soot, dust, and smoky residues. Be cautious around loose power lines or sources of electricity. If the power is out, use a flashlight. 
  2. Look For Signs Of A Gas Leak – If any are present, leave immediately and get other help. Gas leaks can cause intense damage so note where you find them to help the restoration team as well.
  3. Be Cautious Of Children – Keep children and sensitive others away from the damage; seeing a precious home in ruins after a fire can be a traumatizing experience. 
  4. Check For Structural Damage – Don’t force doors open, walk on a floor that has changed shape significantly, or enter small, collapsed spaces. Remember that, in addition to fire damage, your home might be affected structurally by water damage from water used to put out the fire. Understanding this will help you prepare for the restoration process. 
  5. Throw Away Perishables – Keep a list of anything valuable that you have to throw away just in case you need it for records or insurance later. Wash your dishes and kitchenware very thoroughly. Throw away all food, drink, or medicine that has been exposed to flames. The only exception here is food in a freezer, and only if it still has ice crystals on it. Here is an area where it is better to be safe than sorry. 
  6. Expect Chemical Hazards – remember where cleaning supplies and other potentially harmful chemical agents were stored in your home and exercise special caution here. Dispose of these things carefully and make sure the area is well ventilated. 
  7. Make An Assessment – Try to get a feel for what has been damaged in the fire, and what things may be relatively untouched. Careful look at telephone and computer setups, water and plumbing, and electricity lines. Don’t touch anything electrical that looks damaged or frayed. If you suspect damage to any of these things, let an expert assess them for safety before tackling them yourself. 
  8. Air Out The Space – When weather permits, open doors and windows and get a cross-breeze going to reduce odors and soot. This will help keep restoration costs low because it is a great preventative measure. 

Fire Damage Restoration Specialists In Riverside

Following the steps above can help you remain safe after a fire, and hopefully minimize some of your damages and costs in the aftermath. Of course, you should never hesitate to call for professional help that can assess the situation and determine the best plan of action for YOUR home in a way an internet article never quite can. For fire emergencies in Riverside, your first call should be PRC Inc. We’ll bring integrity, skills and expertise, and urgency to your home in order to address your fire damage emergency in the best way possible.