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Ventura County Garage Fire Risks & Management

fire damage ventura countyA recent report concluded that 6,600 residential garage fires occurred in the U.S. between 2009 and 2011, causing 30 deaths and $457 million in property damage. You have a garage to protect your cars and possessions; keep your home safe from a garage fire. 

Fire Damage In Ventura County

Storage of Flammable Fuels 

When storing combustibles in your garage, make sure you store fuel carefully. A dedicated storage cabinet or container with a lid or door for all of your combustibles is a great choice. Keep your combustibles away from heat sources, including heaters and heat vents. 

If you store extra propane tanks, a tiny spark can easily ignite the garage on fire. Tanks that aren’t sealed correctly can have small leaks that could catch on fire. Consider storing your propane tank outside when not in use to lessen the risk.

Many homeowners store extra tanks of gas in the garage for lawn equipment. These flammable liquids can add extra fuel to a garage fire that can easily escalate out of hand. Even the fumes that these liquids create are flammable and can create a flame. Find another storage spot instead of the garage.

Lawn Equipment

After you finish mowing the grass, mowers, string trimmers, and lawn tractors are hot! Most homeowners will simply pull their tractors into the garage and leave them there to cool, but this is dangerous. The hot engine can easily spark a fire that spreads to the rest of the home. The hot mower engine combined with these combustible liquids is a recipe for a house fire.


An easy way to burn down a garage is to have a messy area with too much stuff: building materials, chemicals, toys, household extras. Limit the amount of energy that a potential fire could have by clearing away clutter in the garage and disposing of trash properly. 

Keeping these items organized means having a safe storage place, and this also helps prevent accidents and injuries. When considering storage options, make sure hazardous tools that might be tempting to children are out of reach and properly locked up.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Odor Removal

After fire damage, the strong odor of smoke can linger, even after you’ve removed the contents. Smoke is a notoriously difficult smell to get rid of, but PRC has many solutions. Residual soot must be carefully removed from all surfaces. With our team, any signs of a fire will be erased.

At PRC Restoration, we understand how stressful it can be to worry about repairing fire damage at your home. When disasters strike, our professional team is available 24 hours a day. Our fire damage technicians are trained to identify structural risks and address instability issues until permanent repairs can be made. We are a full-service licensed general contractor who specializes in fire damage restoration in the Ventura County area.

We provide emergency services, mitigation, structural repairs and construction services. PRC Restoration Inc. is an industry leader in both commercial and residential disaster recovery, with over 20 years of meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.