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The Essentials You Need In Your Home For Fire Safety

fire damage ventura county, fire damage cleanup ventura countyThe thought of the potential dangers posed by a house fire has caused many homeowners and parents to lose sleep. The potential effects of a house fire can be beyond devastating. While your home may be damaged severely in a fire, it can be replaced. That is what we are here for at PRC Inc in the Ventura County area, to help you get your home back in top shape after a fire. What can’t be replaced, though, are the cherished mementos contained in a home. Below are five items every homeowner should keep throughout their home to stay safe in the event of a fire or prevent the fire from occurring in the first place.

Fire Extinguishers
It doesn’t require much explaining that you should keep multiple fire extinguishers throughout your home in strategic locations so a fire can quickly be neutralized if one starts. Make sure that everyone in the home knows how to use the fire extinguishers as well. It won’t do any good if the person using doesn’t know how to make it work!

Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors are another obvious fire prevention item you should keep throughout your home. You should strategically place these throughout your home just as you should with fire extinguishers. Hearing a smoke detector when a fire first begins can be the difference between saving your house and losing it, even between life and death.

Fire Blankets
A fire blanket is another handy fire prevention tool to keep around your house. A fire blanket is a quick and easy way, even more so than a fire extinguisher, to quickly smother and put out a fire before it becomes anything major.

Fire Escape Ladders
Keeping fire escape ladders throughout your home in the basement and upper levels floors is a great way to decrease your worry that a fire could seriously hurt or kill a member of your family. Fires often trap people on the top floors of a building or in the basement floors giving them no clear way out, but fire escape ladders neutralize this issue and provide easy exit outside of the house and to safety.

Fire Escape Plan
A fire escape plan isn’t just something that should be theoretically talked it. It should be written down and placed in an often seen part of your home. You should go over it periodically with your family members, and more frequently if you have young children. Establishing a fire escape plan can help you feel much calmer in a situation as terrifying as a fire.

Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire blankets, fire escape ladders, and a fire escape plan don’t guarantee that your home will be protected from all future fires or that you will be safe getting out of your home if a fire does start, but it does significantly increase your chances of avoiding a fire and staying safe if there is one. Remember, for all you fire damage needs, concerns, or questions don’t hesitate to call the pros at PRC Inc in Ventura County.