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Reasons To Avoid Cleaning Water Damage On Your Own

water damage san bernardinoNo one ever expects water damage to happen to them. When it does, it often catches people completely off guard. Because of that, you may not have expendable resources for a professional and may consider doing it on your own. While that is completely feasible, it may not be the best idea to do so. 

Water Damage Restoration – San Bernardino

Water damage is tricky in itself. The water is unsanitary, leaving areas wet for too long and can develop mold, and so much more. Here are a few reasons why cleaning up after a water damage event can be harmful to you and anyone else that’s helping.

Health Hazards

Your number one priority should be your health in any type of situation. There are different types of water that you could be dealing with – clean water, gray water, or black water. Clean water is one that is safe, including water from springs, wells, purified water, or city water. Gray and black water are both hazardous and can lead to serious diseases. Gray water is untreated, used water from sinks, washing machines, and showers. Black water is wastewater from toilets or contains harsh chemicals. Both types require safety equipment and proper knowledge to be dealt with appropriately. 

On top of gray and black water, mold is a huge danger that can come out of water damage. Within 24 hours, mold can begin to grow and cause a whole slew of issues. The most common effect that mold has on our bodies is allergic reactions. It can also cause asthma attacks, eye and/or skin irritation, throat and nose irritation, and lung problems. Repeated mold exposure can increase one’s sensitivity, causing more severe allergic reactions. Exposure to certain molds that produce toxins called mycotoxins can cause more serious illnesses. Attempting to clean this on your own also requires proper safety equipment and proper knowledge to avoid harm to yourself or to others. 

Lacking Proper Knowledge And Time

Water damage control professionals have to go through an arduous process of getting certified and trained to properly clean up your home, and there is a reason for it. The hardest part of water damage restoration is determining the extent of the damage. You can begin the process of cleaning up the water; however, you may miss the root cause that professionals would have otherwise found. They have the equipment to properly rid the damage much more quickly with precision. 

In addition to having the proper know-how, water damage restoration takes a long time to accomplish. It must be started immediately to avoid the growth of mold and a landslide of additional issues. The home must be combed over thoroughly and quickly to verify a successful cleanup and restoration. One must be extremely thorough in their restoration job in order to get everything. 

Higher Costs

A DIY water damage restoration job may seem like the best course of action to save money, but that can be far from the truth. If you lack the proper knowledge and time as stated previously, it can actually cost you more than if you had hired professionals to help you out. Without the proper knowledge of water mitigation and restoration, you may end up causing more damage to your home than you had started with. 

While doing your own water damage restoration may seem like the best route to take when dealing with this, it can have more negative effects in the long run. It’s important to prioritize the health and safety of yourself and others first. Professionals at PRC are always available 24/7 to assist you in your water damage restoration and any water emergencies.