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Smoke & Soot Damage Cleanup

After a fire or furnace puff back, damages from smoke and soot residues are common. Many surfaces such as ceilings, walls and upper cabinets may appear burned and blackened, but may just be covered in soot residues and can be cleaned and restored. Smoke and soot residues also attach to furniture, soft goods, carpeting, and nearly every surface in the area, leaving behind odors and a sticky, black residue that is difficult to remove without professional help.

While items covered in soot or smoke residues can often be restored, it is critical that cleanup occurs as soon as possible. Smoke and soot are corrosive, and can cause permanent damage to certain metals and glass, and can cause permanent discoloration of plastics.

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Expert Smoke & Soot Removal

At PRC Restoration, we have helped numerous property owners with smoke and soot cleanup and deodorization. We have extensive knowledge, training, and experience to quickly and effectively remove smoke residues and eliminate smoke odors. Our team is on call and ready to respond whenever disaster strikes and we will get to work quickly. We are fully equipped to handle all smoke and soot cleanup needs, small or large.

Specialized Smoke Odor Deodorization

As a fire burns, smoke rises up and spreads throughout the entire area, finding every surface and leaving behind residues that result in smoke odor. Different types of materials produce different types of residues and odors, and require specialized equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure effective removal.

Smoke may also enter your HVAC system and ducting, and this should be inspected and tested before use. If smoke residues remain inside your HVAC system, it can distribute odors throughout the property and require additional cleaning. Particles released into the air may also be hazardous to your health.

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