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Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak In Your Bathroom

water damage cleanup riversideThe bathroom is one of the areas in our household that is susceptible to water damage because of the nature of its use. Water may leak into gaps and destroy the materials over time, compromising the bathroom’s structure and safety. Worse yet, due to leaks, these damages might cause water and flood damage outside of the toilet. Understanding what to check for is crucial for house owners who wish to prevent major water damage in their bathrooms. The following are signs that you have water damage in your bathroom.

Mold Formation

If there is mold and mildew that keeps reappearing in the same place despite cleaning, there is most likely a leakage somewhere. Water can collect behind walls, causing mold to form within your walls, which gradually spreads to the exterior. Because the leak is internal, removing the mold without fixing the underlying issue is impossible.

Damaged Walls

Wall damage is also another indication of hidden bathroom water damage. When drywall comes into contact with water, it softens and starts to bubble. Ultimately, it will deform and tear into pieces. To make the repairs, a professional usually tear out all the walls. You will require somebody to patch and repaint when the plumber is done. If you have a serious leak, you should call an emergency water damage restoration immediately.

Musty Smell

Mold growth in the interior walls may be the cause of a lingering, musty, wet odor in your washroom, even after multiple cleanings. If a good ventilation system is not working, you are likely dealing with a moisture problem beneath the surface of the floor or walls.

Damaged Flooring

You likely have water leaking if your toilet floor is cracking, splitting, or staining. The water may have come from a pipe right beneath the floor, or it might have come from somewhere else. You might realize that the floor is spongy or mushy. In any case, you should repair it to avoid future damage.

Stains On Ceilings

If you have a toilet on the second story, look for discoloration and signs of water leaks in the area directly beneath it. However, since water may travel a great distance, water stains on the ceiling can be found even further away. If you see a drooping or sagging ceiling, it is a clear sign that water is getting into the area through a leak.

Water Pooling

¬†Water can gather between both the wall and floor tiles, compromising the tiles and the bathroom’s structure. The most common cause of the problem is a lack of effective grouting or leakage from another source. Make sure there are no water puddles between your bathroom’s wall and floor tiles, particularly in the corners.

Water Damage Cleanup Riverside

Any indication of water or moisture where there should not be any is something you should fix immediately. That is why our water damage cleanup professionals at PRC Restoration are accessible 24/7 to assist you in quickly recovering from the impacts of water damage. Do not hesitate to contact PRC Restoration if you require water damage cleanup in Riverside.