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The Five Main Ways That Water Damage Occurs In San Bernardino Homes

There are a plethora of different sources from which water damage can come; too many to discuss in a single post. Similarly, trying to address and be prepared for every single possibility for water damage can be overwhelming. Instead, it is best to focus on the sources that account for the vast majority of water damage. No home is guaranteed protection from water damage, but looking out for the five most common causes of water damage according to our water damage professionals at PRC, Inc., in San Bernardino, listed below, you should be able to keep your home water damage free. 


water damage kitchen san bernardinoBroken Appliances

Certain appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, and washing machines need large amounts of water to function. Usually, this isn’t a concern, but if they become damaged they are a disaster waiting to happen. It is well worth your time to take a few minutes every couple months to inspect your appliances and make sure they are functioning properly. 


Old/Damaged Roofing

Old roofs are one of the most common and serious causes of water damage. Even one small weak spot or missing shingle can lead to massive amounts of water flooding into your during a rain or snow storm. Make sure you inspect your roof regularly so you can have it repaired immediately if you notice any of these problems. 


Inclement Weather

Stormy weather can leave your home in bad shape if you aren’t prepared. Some important steps that you can take to prepare include moving loose items from your yard, investing in shatterproof windows, and keeping your roof in good repair. You should also stay in tune with the news so you can be alerted to any potential storms and be prepared for them. 


Old Or Worn Pipes

Your pipes are essential to keeping your home running and functioning properly. Because of the large amounts of water that run through them, however, they can be a disaster waiting to happen. The worst case scenario is a pipe that bursts and sends pressurized water throughout your home. More likely, though, is when a pipe simply begins leaking. If you notice a leaking pipe, you should call a professional plumber for help right away. It may be an indication of a larger problem that could cause your home to a flood and lead to a major disaster. 


Seeping In Through Weak Spots Around Your Home

Finally, your home can develop weak spots to water damage over time. For instance, your foundation may develop cracks of weak spots that will allow water to leak in and damage the structural integrity of your home. Be vigilant of any such problems and have them repaired right away as soon as the develop. 


By focusing in on these primary causes of water damage, your home should be well fortified against the threat of water damage. Nonetheless, disasters and accidents still happen so don’t hesitate to call us at PRC, Inc., in San Bernardino, for help if your home is ever affected by water damage.