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Tips For Controlling Excess Moisture And Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Cleanup RiversideA comfortable, secure home is always a gift. However, the looming threat of flood damage is a burden. Every day, 14,000 individuals in the United States endure a flood damage emergency in their households or at work, as per industry estimates. Even more concerning, a huge percentage of basements in the United States will experience some form of flood damage all throughout their lifetime.

Water Damage Cleanup In Riverside

Water damage is not a question of if it will actually happen, but instead when it will take place. It is critical that you are completely ready for when this sort of incident unfolds in your household. Excess moisture management reduces the likelihood of structural damage, mold, and mildew, as well as indoor air quality issues. You can improve your property’s moisture resistance by following these guidelines:

Examine The Drainage Around The Exteriors

Reap the benefits of your “built-in” safeguards. Your downspouts and gutters should always drain away from your structure rather than toward it. Year-round, trees drop dirt and debris. PRC Restoration recommends inspecting your gutters for foliage, twigs, as well as pine needles every 2 weeks. To extract trapped material, use a leaf blower as well as a water pipe with a strong jet. Finally, to ensure proper airflow, maintain trimmed plants and shrubs a few feet away from the exterior A/C unit.

Recognize The Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for signs of moisture in your household. Moldy odors, surface stains, and discoloration are telltale signs of a problem. Excessive, constant condensation all over the windows is also an issue. Search for excess moisture in the water heater, the fridge, and the washer water line connections.

Monitor The Humidity Levels

The relative humidity in your household should be between 30 and 50%. Consider purchasing a low-cost hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels in your house throughout the year. Also, set the fan on automatically in your air conditioner. Make certain that your HVAC system is the proper size for your house, not too small or too big. Keep the condensate drainage line from your unit to the exterior clean and also clear of dirt.

Maintain The Flow Of Air

Check that your property is vented properly to keep moisture out. Proper circulation keeps moist and warm air from condensing on cold surfaces due to evaporation. Experts suggest the following ventilation best practices:

  • Ventilate your attic as well as your crawl space.
  • All internal exhaust fans should be vented to the outside.
  • Run the bathroom exhaust fans while taking showers and for five to ten minutes afterward.
  • Make use of ceiling fans.

Riverside Water Damage Cleanup

When experiencing flood damage in your building, the cleanup plan will be tailored to your specific needs based on the extent of the damage. PRC Restoration’s water damage cleanup technicians are the crew to protect your property. We are committed to providing excellent, efficient water damage repair and restoration services while providing exceptional customer service. For water damage cleanup in Riverside, give PRC Restoration a call.