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Water Damage Cleanup Los Angeles County – Expert Tips

water damage cleanup los angeles countyIn your busy home, you might have decided that waterproof floors make sense for your family. Big dogs, lots of kids, a busy kitchen, and tons of laundry can all generate puddles– large and small. Instead of wood floors or carpets that absorb water, vinyl creates an almost waterproof surface. The water damage cleanup professionals in Los Angeles County have the best information regarding vinyl flooring when it comes to water damage.

Helpful Tips & Info From The Water Damage Cleanup Los Angeles County Experts

Vinyl is made up of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) resins mixed with plasticizers, fungicides, and stabilizers. Natural-colored vinyl flooring has been a popular choice for more than a decade. Both wood and stone can look chic, homey, or even contemporary. Technological improvements now offer floors that are easy to clean, warm under your feet, and quiet to your ears.

The vinyl surface is water-resistant to spills. However, water can still manage to seep through or around the vinyl planks, especially if you have a flood in your home. If the water is not cleaned immediately, moisture may remain in the cracks, crevices, and edges of the floor, causing damage to the materials and mold to form underneath. 


Luxury vinyl flooring is the term for the latest version of flooring. Because it is a thicker product, has better sound-blocking properties than standard vinyl flooring. 

Due to the increased amount of layers including cork or foam underlayment layers built into the product, it is also more comfortable to walk on. Compared to standard vinyl flooring, Luxury Vinyl tile flooring is the best defense against water-damaged floors. 

Semi-rigid planks are installed using the same click-lock interlocking edges that are found in laminate flooring. Then they are completely water-proof. However, when LV is installed over concrete, there is a possibility that moisture under the floor can react with chemicals in the concrete which can degrade the vinyl. 

Proper installation in ‘wet rooms’ like bathrooms and laundry rooms includes measures that make sure the seams and perimeter of the floor are well sealed to prevent moisture from getting under it. If the edges of the floors are not properly sealed, water might seep through the gap between the floor and the wall. 

Vinyl Sheets 

Standard vinyl is made from a very thin layer of vinyl printed with a design layer and a thin protective coating. Since the sheets are installed in wide runs, there are fewer seams for water to infiltrate. However, it can still seep under the edges. Signs of problems include:

  • Discoloration
  • Bulging at the edges
  • Buckling of creases and edges 

If the full room of sheet vinyl floor has been down for several years, the adhesive will more than likely be brittle and hard. Removal requires scraping or even chipping it off the concrete or plywood subfloor. A heat gun might be used to pry off the boards and lift off the adhesive  

So, if you notice weird discoloration on a cleaned floor, check under the flooring for moisture build-up. Moreover, if you notice bubbles on your vinyl flooring, it means that the planks have moisture build-up underneath. Taking quick action can prevent costly water damage cleanup further down the road. 

Vinyl Tiles 

Peel and stick tiles are the least expensive, but the least secure against water. Try removing the damaged vinyl tile squares to check for damage to the subfloor. As these are usually glued to the subfloor, damage can be a little trickier to remove. Usually, you can’t just replace single tiles, you must replace the damaged subfloor and install new vinyl flooring. 

PRC Cleanup For Water Damage In Los Angeles County

PRC Restoration understands how stressful water damage can be. Our qualified technicians are ready now to help you through it. At every step of the cleanup process, we will explain the timeframe, dangers, and costs so you feel in control again.  

PRC Inc is a full-service licensed general contractor providing emergency water damage cleanup services, mitigation, structural repairs, and construction services in the LA area. With over 20 years of experience, we are the ones to call if you discover water damage in Los Angeles County.