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Water Damage Cleanup In Your Bathroom

water damage cleanup riverside, water damage restoration riverside, water damage riversideWhether in your home or business, bathrooms have a continual flow of water. Many bathrooms are not properly ventilated and exposed to high amounts of moisture that ends up causing problems with the caulking and sealant in the bathroom, the paint and drywall, around window sills, and if water problems come from the actual pipes inside the bathroom, water damaging can happen to the floors, cabinets, and more.

PRC wants to help you avoid bathroom water damage in your Riverside property by offering you a few preventative tips.

Watch For Leaks

During your weekly bathroom cleaning, open those cabinets and look for leaks. Expensive water damage results from slow leaks on wooden surfaces. Once a year, pull out all the supplies under the sink and wipe down all surfaces– look for damage. Next, place a paper towel directly under the U curve of the pipe. Remember to check often for any signs of leaks and drips. 

Maintain Your Shower and Tub

Whether you start the day with a rejuvenating shower, or finish the evening with a luxurious bubble bath, your bathing habits use a lot of water. And when your bathroom develops cracks or leaks, that water can cause damage to the grout, wooden supports and subfloor. Take the time to do some maintenance:

  • Replace showers or tubs with cracks or other damage; even hairline cracks can allow water to seep in and cause damage
  • Repair all  chipped, cracked, or deteriorating grout and caulk help prevent water from seeping into walls and floors 
  • Repair shower doors with seals that no longer work, replace torn or poor fitting shower curtains 
  • Drain water from the tub immediately after use to prevent damage from sitting water. Dry the floor and remove damp bathmats.

Since bathrooms are small with low light and limited ventilation, even excess water vapor can collect and lead to mold. Be sure to turn on your exhaust fan for at least 30 minutes after every shower to  pull excess moisture out of the air. This simple task will really prevent mold.

Check Your Plumbing

Constantly inspect connections; problems result from pinpoint leaks as complete breaks in the pipes. The places where two pipes join are the most vulnerable, so frequently test valves for your toilet, shower, and sink to ensure they are properly working. Keep an eye out for stains, drywall bubbling, musty smells, and excess moisture for signs of trouble within the walls. Don’t wait for problems to worsen, call PRC to further investigate.

Conduct regular maintenance on your toilet, even if that’s just checking the caulking and looking around the toilet for any cracks in the porcelain. Wash and dry the bathmats regularly so that you’ll find evidence of slow leaks. 

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Riverside  

If your home suffers from water damage, PRC will be your partner in recovery. PRC Restoration specializes in emergency water damage cleanup, and is equipped to handle all aspects of water restoration. The professionals at PRC Restoration are available 24/7 with a one hour response time. The technicians are trained to identify structural risks and address instability issues until permanent repairs can be made.

PRC Inc. is a full-service licensed general contractor in the Riverside area that provides emergency services, mitigation, structural repairs and construction services.