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5 Signs Of Water Damage

water damage los angeles, water damage cleanup los angelesWhen it comes to a water damage situation, you probably think that it would be difficult to NOT notice. When we think of water damage, we often think of overflowing toilets, sink pipes bursting, or floodwater pouring in from the outside. We don’t always think of slow leaks from pipes inside of your walls, or tiny cracks in the roof that allow water to slowly move through your roof structure. There are plenty of ways that water can damage y0ur home without your notice. But there are things you can do and signs you can look for that might indicate water damage. If any of these signs are found in your home, you will want to contact a professional water damage restoration company in the Los Angeles area that can help y0u determine the extent of the problem and how to quickly remediate it.

Signs To Watch For

Standing Water – Standing water is obviously a major sign of water damage. Standing water often occurs when water heaters, toilets, and other appliances malfunction and leak. Leaks from the ceiling will also cause water to pool in an area.

Discoloration – Yellowing and browning happen to paint and walls that are water damaged. Walls and ceilings will experience water stains and possibly bubbling in the paint. If mold is present, the coloring could appear green or even black – but one thing is for sure, there will be a discoloration in the damaged area.

Texture – Warping, buckling, sagging, and sinking happens to a floor when water damage is present. Flooring doesn’t react to water the same way that paint does so it can be more difficult to determine if water damage is present in the floors. But the texture will change if water is present. Look for these textural changes very carefully.

Smell – Mold is often a secondary problem when dealing with water damage. Pay attention to your nose wherever you suspect water damage. Mold grows fast after water is present. Slow leaks and standing water will quickly become likely environments for mold so trust what you smell and if that smell is present, seek help to determine the source of the water damage and the mold.

Specific Areas РCeilings, walls, and floors should all be the first places you observe for water damage. These areas are likely to develop damage due to broken pipes in the walls, leaks, and cracks in the roof, and pipes breaking under the house. Bathrooms, basements, and attics are good spots to look as well. These spots are high mold areas so be aware of any musty or mildew-like smells.

Contact The Professionals

When you find water damage in your home, you are going to want to contact certified and insured water remediation specialists that can locate the source of the water damage and determine the extent of the damage. Professionals will also be able to determine if there are health and safety hazards that need to be taken into consideration and will be able to address those problems as well.

If you live in or around Los Angeles, contact PRC Restoration. These highly skilled and experienced professionals will be able to assess the extent of the water damage and determine if mold is a factor contributing to the successful remediation of your property.