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Water Damage And Its Varying Degrees

water damage san bernardino, water damage restoration san bernardino, water damage repair san bernardinoWater damage can be stressful no matter where it is or how it was caused. However, did you know that there are varying degrees of water damage? There are three categories of water damage that are based on where the water came from and what is contaminating it. The different categories may require different courses of action to remove and repair the damage done as well as cause varying dangers to you.

Water Damage In San Bernardino

Category 1 Water Damage

Category 1 water damage, also known as clean water damage, is the least harmful to humans. This type of water damage is caused by clean water such as water from your kitchen sink. When the water damage occurs, the water does not have any harmful bacteria, contaminants or pathogens in it. Even though category 1 water damage isn’t necessarily harmful to humans, it can become harmful if left untreated. Clean water damage left over time can quickly escalate into category 2 or category 3 water damage by attracting harmful bacteria to it. 

Category 2 Water Damage

Category 2 water damage or grey water damage is slightly more harmful. Grey water damage is caused by water containing contaminants that could potentially make someone sick. Some examples would be water from a dishwasher containing the dishwashing soap or toilet water that doesn’t contain feces. In instances where this type of water damage occurs, there isn’t any reason to panic, however it is important to get the water damage cleaned up as soon as possible. Category 2 water damage can get worse and become more dangerous.

Category 3 Water Damage

The last category of water damage, category 3, is known as black water damage. Black water damage is its name for a reason. It sounds gross and unhealthy and that’s because it is. This type of water damage is caused by water that contains very harmful bacteria and pathogens. This would include sewage water and water that has flooded into your home from rivers or lakes. This water can be very harmful to humans and should be as such. It’s important that you try not to clean up the water damage on your own. A professional water damage restoration team can help you do it safely and correctly in order to ensure that no harmful pathogens or bacteria are left behind afterward. 

The varying categories of water damage are good to note so you can be aware of what type of water damage you are facing and the danger that may be associated with them. No matter what category of water damage it is however, it is key to not waste time in getting the damage cleaned up and repaired. The longer water damage is left, the more damage there will be. In addition, all forms of water damage are best taken care of by a professional water damage company that has the proper equipment and knowledge to get it taken care of correctly. This way there are no unexpected problems that arise later on. In San Bernardino, PRC is a company that could help you.